Since 1959, STIL LEGNO develops a purely craftsmanship woodworking. At its helm, today, there are the Lucchese brothers with a long experience that introduce them as a point of reference in the field. With a great ability to undertake, together with a firm policy of expansion,they’ve given rise to a progressive consolidation of the company and they’ve launched a new concept: the window becomes an integral part of interior design and of the finish, which gives it that “value-added ” to the home environment. STIL LEGNO, today, represents a solid industrial reality, very careful to meet the different requirements of a more demanding and constantly changing market. For this reason we added a new line: the rusticated window or antiqued window, which is created by the perfect combination of modern technology and the aesthetic quality of the classic Italian style, ideal for those who feel in tune with the ancient atmosphere, where the love for simple things and the search for the beauty eventually triumph. The company maintains a constant commitment, evolving and upgrading with the purchase of new generation and technologically advanced machinery, which results in production process continuous control of doors and windows as well as a conscious choice in terms of respect for the environment, to ensure those levels of efficiency that the market and the bodies which issue certificates of quality on company and products, require. The company pays great attention to service and support, ensuring a constant presence at the side of the supplier and of the end customer. STIL LEGNO has always believed in the research as a key element for growth and development. With great accuracy analyzes and selects all components of the doors and window in order to ensure a competitive quality product. That of STIL LEGNO is, therefore, a work of craftsmanship, but built with the most modern production systems.


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