Euronorm 58|68 wood profile

EURONORM include windows and doors with one or more fixed or openable leaves
The Stil Legno door-frame profiles are made in two sections: 83×58 mm and 83×68 mm.
The glass mounted on the doors and windows comply with the rules applicable to climate zones where it will be installed to meet the needs of the customer.
All the EURONORM profiles are equipped with double TPE seal (high elasticity materials incapable of being deformed) which provides an excellent durability and a high thermal and acoustic insulation.
The anodized aluminum drips, have slots for rainwater drainage.
The locks are made of silver hardware, it’s possible the insertion of the double opening system.

thermal insulation Depending on the climate zone in accordance with UNI EN ISO 10077
sound insulation Depending on the customer needs
security In compliance with UNI EN 14609
ironware  AGB
innovative advantages  
  • Perfect triple protection: sun, noise and weather
  • Double seal TPE system (high elasticity materials incapable of being deformed)
  • Anodized aluminum drip
  • Rusticated processing on request


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